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Made with all Natural products, coconut oil, beeswax, castor oil, vitamin e oil, avocado oil., lavender essential oil. 

Alison Simms said....

I think I heard my sofa exhale and thank me... Thank you Little Jar of WOW

Sheila Brennen says...

I love this Little jar of wow product, I used it on my sofa and now I use it  on everything. I think everyone will  this when they try it. 

Dominique, Vancouver BC

I put this on  my car seats, it smells really nice and I like that it is a natural product. Works good like they said it would. I recommend this product. 

What can I use  WOW on?

QUESTION? How can I use WOW?

ANSWER: Hundreds of ways listed below are just a few of the uses…you will find more ways to use it as you get familiar using to the product.

•Furniture, whether you have leather or vinyl sofa & chairs, lazyboy chair, cabinets, tables, bookcases, lawn furniture and so much more….

•Wood, tables & chairs, cutting boards, cabinets, antiques and so much more…

•Vehicle Seats- use on leather or vinyl seats & detailing your vehicle just wipe on and wipe off!

•Dry Hands & Cracked Heels after a shower apply it to your heels and put on a pair of socks and it will start working fast. Amazing on dry hands excellent moisturizer feel the difference!

Helps with Athletes foot too!

•Moisturizer, use on arms and face you will feel the difference.

•Hair use as a hair mask once a month or use a little as a leave in conditioner.

•Leather, use on your furniture or your purses, jackets wallets or any leather items so many ways to use this AMAZING PRODUCT.

•Vinyl, use to detail your vehicle, recreation vehicles, luggage, handbags, wallets, rubber boots, vinyl boots, wheelchair seat, hot tub cover and so much more…

•Rubber, use on boots, and more….

•Sporting Equipment, yes excellent for cleaning your sports equipment!

•Saddles & Tack – AMAZING RESULTS …. Clean and condition your Saddles and Tack and easy as wiping on and off…waterproof your Leather.

•Motorcycles and Riding Gear….


Toni Kilpatrick of  Aldergrove BC says...

I love this product I use it literally on everything.

Virginia Yuen, Vancouver BC

I love this wonderful product so natural and use it on my purses and boots. I like finding this product as it works so nice on my things.

Michele Minichello, Burnaby BC

I wanted to fix my husbands leather coat and this stuff really works good. Not greasy and smells so good too.

Hello, my name is Ronnie, I am the creator of the Little Jar of WOW. We appreciate our customers and it is so nice meeting you at events and tradeshows. We hope once you start using our great product that THE LITTLE JAR OF WOW  will become your go to multi use product.  It has so many uses!

As you can see in our packaging "Recycling" is very important to us. We are doing our part by using recycled labeling paper and glass containers we hope you will reuse the handy little jars.


Our Product was created to be an all natural  multi  use  product ...Easy to use and so many ways to use it! 

Michelle from Chilliwack BC 

This works so good for my saddles and tack thank you!

Adam Victoria BC 


Richard from Victoria

This works great on my wood projects. 

Vi from Prince George, BC says

I use this on my hands and so does my family this is really GOOD STUFF I have tried so many things and this really works!.

Karla MC says

 good to see how the product works. My shoes look great!


Friendly service and helpful! Thanks for the great product.

                       Alexia Lippert

Quality, Selection, Environment, Customer service, Wait time


Jim From Vancouver 

Quality, Environment, Customer service, Wait time I am impressed with the diverse range of uses for the wax I purchased. I recommend this product to anyone seeking to revitalize their dress shoes/boots, or synthetic furniture, whether to add hue or shine. Quality


Lisa F 

This is a great product!

Kirby W

Feels like a fantastic product and it also shined our boots up beautifully. The ladies were sweethearts.

Dale H

I was VERY impressed with the product, and the two lovely ladies demonstrating it, were very pleasant. I would recommend ‘Little Jar of Wow’ to anyone who wants a natural moisturizing product.

Trina  N 

Randomly came across your booth at the Vintage Barn Market and had it sampled on my leather boots, so my mother in law and I bought some. We are already your biggest fans!!! My boots look brand new! Thank you!!!


Thanks for sharing your product with us! I love the ingredients and I love that it is local! Wishing you much success!!

Laura S 

Luv the product, second time purchasing.

Karla MC good to see how the product works. My shoes look great!

Best Quality 


Great Prices

A multi use product that saves you money because you do not have to purchase so many other products. to get the job done 

Home Delivery

We ship to anywhere in Canada


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